The Law of Nature’s Uncertainity

It is not easy to work with nature, as one’s expectation rarely happens in real life. There are just too many mistery with it that our primitive brain cant predict up until now. We still cant find away to predict when an earthquake will gonna happen, where the next aurora will show up, or where does that f**** birds go when we brought an important client to see them.

I was scanning the paddyfield from the car when we spotted a bare, conspicious tree in the middle of it. It is the favorite perching spot of a Javan Kingfisher that I have been watching since the first time I came to Yogyakarta. Usually he (as i assumed it as male) will just stay there for the whole morning, sitting quietly with beak pointed down, ready to dive and catch every unfortunate small invertebrates below. However, today it wasnt there–and so does 2 other kingfishers in the area that we tried to find before. It wouldnt be a problem only if I didnt brought an important client with me, a birder and tourism scholar from Malaysia who promised to bring more friend if I managed to show him some good bird today.

With a very carefull word selection, I said to him that maybe we have a better chance to find the kingfisher in the next stop. I also explained that this is the best place to find the kingfisher and I know it very well since I live here. I know it is not a good way to say “this bird used to be here, i saw it last week” to a client, but after 30 minutes of wandering aimlessly in the paddyfield, at least I need to say something.

Luckily, he understand the problem. “I know, just like people said. Its always there, but when you brought me along it suddenly disappear!” he said with a huge smile, a very important OK sign for me to continue the trip. Lanjutkan membaca The Law of Nature’s Uncertainity


Denmark Trip 2013 part 2: Kereta di Negeri Thumbellina

Lebih baik telat daripada tidak ngupdate sama sekali 😀

Copenhagen, 20 Agustus 2013

Seperti negara lain di Eropa, kereta merupakan salah satu sistem transportasi jarak jauh yang paling dibanggakan di Denmark. Terdapat cukup banyak jaringan kereta api modern di negara ini, mulai dari kereta kelas komuter untuk dalam kota sampai kereta api cepat antar kota. Dalam perjalanan saya ini, saya beruntung bisa menikmati perjalanan kereta dari Copenhagen menuju rumah teman saya, Jens Ole Byskov. Yay!

Ketika saya sampai di Copenhagen Central Station, saya memang tidak merasa aneh. Suasana begitu ramai, penuh sesak dengan orang-orang sama seperti kota-kota besar lainnya. Tapi begitu saya mulai melangkahkan kaki kembali ke dalam kereta menuju Esbjurg tempat Jens tinggal, suasana yang berbeda kembali terasa. Kereta yang kami tumpangi begitu sepi, hanya beberapa orang yang terlihat sedang duduk manis di kursinya, tanpa berbicara sepatah kata pun. Kereta pun berjalan perlahan-lahan, meninggalkan Copenhagen yang ramai dan mulai memasuki kota-kota kecil di sekitarnya—yang begitu lenggang, sepi, seperti tidak berpenghuni.

Oh ya, bicara soal kereta, kereta jarak jauh yang saya dan Jens tumpangi menuju Esbjerg (baca: esbya) ini berbeda dengan kereta metro yang membawa kami dari bandara. Kereta ini lebih luas, dengan 4 tempat duduk yang saling berhadapan. Di atas pintu tiap gerbong terdapat nama tujuan dan kode gerbong yang berbeda. Tidak semua gerbong menuju Esbjerg, beberapa gerbong akan berpisah dari rangkaian kereta dan menuju ke stasiun yang berbeda. Tiap gerbong hanya memiliki beberapa tempat duduk, dan dibatasi dengan sebuah pintu otomatis. Tempat duduknya sendiri cukup empuk dan nyaman, dengan sandaran tangan (arm rest) di kedua sisinya. Rangka gerbong dibuat sangat kuat dan kedap suara, sehingga keadaan di dalam gerbong begitu nyaman dan… yah, sepi.

Tipikal bentuk kereta antar kota di Denmark, termausk yang saya naiki ke Esbjerg.
Tipikal bentuk kereta antar kota di Denmark, termausk yang saya naiki ke Esbjerg.
Bagian dalam kereta menuju Esbjerg. Nyaman, kan?
Bagian dalam kereta menuju Esbjerg. Nyaman, kan?

Ya, sepi! Sepertinya saya baru saja menemukan kata yang tepat untuk mendeskribsikan Denmark pada kesan pertama saya.

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Wild West Expedition: Preparation to Ujung Kulon!

Well, actually this is my post after several months off. It is pretty shame to know how inactive I am for the last couple month. I didn’t blame anyone for sure, nor myself or my new freelance job. It is pretty sure because I start to feel bored and don’t have many things to say. OK, finger crossed, I had so MANY things to write in my blog, and in fact I still have so many debts about my unfinished story—about my trip to Baluran last year (the very same story where I start my relationship with N, so it’s a historic one), and then the fantastic story in Denmark, Surabaya, the celebration of my 5th years of Birdwatching, and the one that I would love to tell in this post: Ujung Kulon.

Departure from Bionic's HQ
Departure from Bionic’s HQ
At Tugu Station
At Tugu Station
Ujung Kulon National Park
Ujung Kulon National Park

Well yeah, while I will write the other story sometimes in the future—I mean, soon—I would like to tell about my story in Ujung Kulon. Not because it is the newest adventure that I have for a couple weeks back, but it might be also the most adventurous trip that I ever had for the rest of my life. Yes, Ujung Kulon National Park, the wildest, the largest, the biggest, the coolest, and the most goddamned area in the whole island! Ujung Kulon is like the Wild West in Java (in fact, it is located in the most western tip of the island) and also the most inviting one.

Well, let’s start with a little background on how I can make my way here. It was all started with an announcement from my campus about a funding program from Indonesian ministry of education, a maximum 12 million rupiah for any college student research proposal. Here is the time when the college student in my university start to be busy with their proposal, try to get the funding for several reason (for me, well, to have a free vacation ‘under research circumstance’).  Too bad my proposal has been rejected, together with all but one proposal from the members of my birding club—and this one proposal can be the most God-damn-it one, and I accidentally involved to it! Lanjutkan membaca Wild West Expedition: Preparation to Ujung Kulon!

4 Years Adventure In The Magical World of Birdwatcher!

March, 23rd 2013

Most people feel nothing when they passed this day. But not for me, March 23rd is my 2nd most important day of this month, and maybe in the big 10 for the year, while the first is March 14th, my birthday (which is also the day when Crocker lost Wanda and Cosmo and when Eugene Krab almost been fried by Neptune). It was the day when, 4 years ago, for the very first time i saw a bird through a binocular. Therefore, March 23rd is my annual birdwatching celebration, the day when i evaluate all my birding progress–lifer, annual list, rarities, everything.
Usually, at March 22nd night i sit on my bench and open up some birding galleries, notes, or field guide only to resurrecting my memories about my birding day. It can last for hours, or maybe the whole night, when i dive too deep in many sweet memories of my birding life. At the end, i will wake up with a whole new spirit, gratefully pride that i found this path as the member of those peoples who called themselves as ‘the birdwatcher’.

4 years adventure

I still remember that day when i saw a black-headed greyish bird on a beautiful limestone hill–Sooty-headed Bulbul, not a very special bird, but this is the first ever bird i saw through a binocular. I was on a high limestone hill of Kulonprogo with some more senior birdwatcher (most of them are professional birders now :D) and they help me a lot to locate the birds which really hard for an amateur like me. They told me the principal of birdwatching and why this time-and-money-wasting activity have a really big interest for those people around the world. That time, i didn’t know that i would be one of those people and  my life will never be the same!
I joined some other birdwatching event, again and again, until i realized that i got too addicted! My eyes can’t stop moving every time i feel a movement around the trees, my sensitivity to surroundings went better and better. I can’t stop it, neither start it, it appears suddenly and i never know how. But i really enjoy it, just like a food with mayonnaise, you just eat it joyfully without ever think that it’s a fermented chicken’s period!

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