A Short Story From The Tree of Life

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I was on the second floor of Biology Lab in my university, when some strange crowd took away my attention. There, right across the lab’s corridor, stands a big fig tree with some flying shadows jumping around on its branch, screaming various calls and songs that will attract any nearby birder’s curiosity. I recognized them as a bunch of Sooty-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus aurigaster) and Yellow-vented Bulbul (P. goaivier), two common urban birds frequently seen in this area. However, it was unusual that they gathered in a big number in a single tree like this.. so I expected something bigger in it.

As I took a closer look using my camera, I saw this little, squishy red ball squezzed between the bulbul’s pointy bill. It is the fig, the magic fruit that teases the desire of every hungry bird in the world. As my eyes got wider, I saw the very similar little balls hanging off on almost every branches of the tree, filling it with the cherry red dots among the bright green leaves. So my suspicion was true.. It was the time again, when the lab’s courtyard suddenly became a paradise for every birds and birdwatchers. The “Tree of Life” has released its magic to the world!

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