The Best Birding Place I Have Ever Visited from 2009-2013

4 years birding, 4 years of adventure. I have many memories among it, and travels to many places that I never know before, and every places gave me something special that most other places don’t have. However, there are several birdwatching place that more ‘special’ for me, the place that very ‘birdie’ so I almost considered it as a paradise in world. A place with many endemics, special and beautiful birds. The place where the birds are like ‘in everywhere’. The place that easy to reach and have a good facilities too. The place with memories. And yeah, the place where a birdwatcher will scream in cheers and satisfy, that they just passed the best moment of their birding life!

This is my story about the 5 birdiest places I have ever visited in my life. It’s all subjective and I’m sure that there are many more bird paradise in other side of the world that I haven’t visited yet. But so far, those place below are the most birdiest place I have ever visited in the last 4 years of my birding life. So, here’s the rank, enjoy!

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Big Expectation And Big Realization

At the closest holiday after March 23rd, i usually go for a great birding in different places, and find something good which i used it as my ‘year icon bird’. My first year icon bird is Red Junglefowl, a very rare bird in Java, which i found it in a very brief view after being lost for 3 hours in somewhere of Mt Merapi. My 2nd year icon bird is.. Well, I don’t really remember, i was too busy to prepare myself for the high school final exam–but Chesnut-headed Bee-eater maybe the best, since it reminds me of someone (well, it’s rather personal). For my 3rd year, i couldn’t decide which species is ‘special’ enough to be my year icon bird, since i got so many lifer that time in a trip with my generous Danish friend, but i think Javan Banded Pitta and Javan Trogon is one of the best.
This year, i really hope to find a really good icon bird. I planned to go birdwatching at Plawangan hill with my friends from Bionic Birdwatching Club, a birdwatching club from my campuss. Despite i have been here so many times (it’s only several kilometers away from my home) and i knew most of the birds here, this place still contains some mysterious bir, most of them is on my priority list. Let’s say, Javan Cochoa, Asian Paradise Flycatcher,Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot, Orange-headed Thrush–all of them are rare here, maybe more common in some other places but they are ‘never easy’. The cochoa and the hanging-parrot were spotted by my friend Mas Imam couple months ago, while the Paradise flycatcher appeared on the neighbouring hill, Turgo, less than a kilometer from here. I didn’t expect to much for the Thrush since it’s likely extinct in this area.. the area who considered this species as it’s mascot (what an irony!). Lanjutkan membaca Big Expectation And Big Realization