New Year, New Concept :D

Howdy, it’s my first post for many months!

And yeah, this is my first post after my ‘blogging revolution’. For everyone who don’t know what it is (and i’m sure you don’t), my blogging revolution here means i brought up some new concept to my blogs. Why i do this? Well somehow i felt confused about what i gonna do with my blog, and how to give a right information to right people.

As you see here, this blog is a adventure-styled website where you can get some information about traveling, birdwatching, and etc. The problem is, are those reader really need this? With my old styled-blog in Bahasa Indonesia, they are not. The fact is, most of Indonesians know the place that i wrote about here, but it isn’t the worse thing. It’s about the bird hunters and traders who used information in this blog to hunt them! I can see it from my wordpress admin panel, more than 80 percent visitor used the search engine to find information about captive bird, how to catch a bird, how to tame a raptor and etc!

That time, i thought to do some revolution to my blogs, and it’s included a looooong time of thinking, deciding what is necessary to be changed and what is not. So, here we are, i decided to not use Bahasa Indonesia to my blogs. I know that it will not stop those stupid bird hunters and bird traders (and their customer) to missused the information here, but at least it can minimalized their presence. I know that they can still use google translate or etc and some of them can talk english, but based in my experience most Indonesian people will just close the tab where they find english text in web (even with G-translate!).

Beside, this language revolution also make my blog be more reachable for birders around the world who want to see Indonesia’s beautiful creature! As you see in visitor’s map below, my visitor is not only come from Indonesia… yeah, at least i have 1-2 international visitor. Sometimes ago i met a couple from Europe and we talked each other. After several times, they asked me if i have a blog. I told them that i have one, but in Bahasa Indonesia. They said that it’s ok as long as they could use G-translate. They said they searched for some information about Indonesian culture and it’s hard to find it, so they gave me an advice to make a blog in english.

The second revolution is about my blog’s content. I will add more story about traveling in Indonesia, and maybe in other country (hope i can do that!). It isn’t just about backpacking/birdwatching story, it will content culinary, place review and preview, tips and trick, etc. I call it as ‘enrichment revolution’, so this blog will be more flexible for any readers. There will be more post category, so everyone could chose any kind of post they need.

So i think that’s all from me, i hope you enjoy my blog’s new concept. Keep living your life, and let the Wild to bee the Wild!!! 🙂


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