Tetap Sehat saat Bersepeda di Musim Hujan

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Selain keadaan part-part sepeda, kesehatan tubuh juga harus diperhatikan saat bersepeda di musim hujan.

Sejak 2 tahun yang lalu saya resmi menjadi “goweser” alias orang yang gila dengan dunia bersepeda. Awalnya sih saya  menggunakan sepeda sebagai moda transportasi alternatif untuk commuting, namun akhirnya saya justru jadi ketagihan! Sekarang hampir setiap hari saya menggunakan sepeda untuk pergi kemana-mana; mulai dari sekedar pergi ke kampus atau kantor, menaklukan tanjakan di lereng gunung Merapi, hingga touring jarak jauh ke berbagai kota di Pulau Jawa. Lanjutkan membaca Tetap Sehat saat Bersepeda di Musim Hujan

Nyadran: Piknik Samping Kuburan

Nyadran merupakan tradisi masyarakat Yogyakarta yang dilakukan menjelang bulan Ramadhan. Secara gampang, tradisi Nyadran bisa dibilang sebagai “piknik ramai-ramai di pinggir kuburan”, meskipun makna sebenarnya lebih dari itu. Di tradisi ini, kita diajak untuk mengingat kematian, sekaligus berkumpul bersama sanak keluarga dan para tetangga untuk mempererat tali silaturahmi.

Sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu tradisi Nyadran di padukuhan sini mulai dihiasi dengan gunungan dan tumpengan yang diarak keliling desa. Entah siapa yang memulai, tapi yang jelas hal ini membuat suasana Nyadran jadi semakin meriah. Dan tentunya…. banyak makanan…


Axioo Windroid 10G+, Teman Traveling Murah yang Nggak Murahan

Traveling sudah menjadi passion saya sejak kecil. Saya selalu suka melihat tempat-tempat baru, merasakan budaya dan atmosfer yang berbeda, serta bertemu dengan berbagai macam orang dari berbagai belahan dunia. Ketika dewasa, hobi ini pun berpadu dengan kegiatan saya sebagai seorang mahasiswa biologi yang mendalami kehidupan satwa liar. Destinasi tujuan saya pun mulai bergeser dari tempat-tempat mainstream di tengah kota ke berbagai lokasi mblusuk di pedalaman hutan, savanna, gunung, dan pulau-pulau kecil.

Berawal dari keisengan, saya mulai menulis cerita perjalanan saya dan mengunggahnya ke blog sederhana ini. Tanpa disangka ada banyak orang yang suka dengan cerita nyeleneh di blog ini. Beberapa orang kawan pun menyarankan saya untuk mengirimkan beberapa tulisan ke situs-situs traveling di internet. Tanpa disangka beberapa tulisan saya pun berhasil dimuat di situs tersebut, sehingga saya pun bisa mendapatkan sedikit penghasilan untuk menambah modal jalan-jalan saya di masa depan. Saya pun jadi semakin bersemangat untuk mengupdate cerita perjalanan di blog ini setiap kali saya pergi ke suatu tempat yang baru. Lanjutkan membaca Axioo Windroid 10G+, Teman Traveling Murah yang Nggak Murahan

Malaysia and Vietnam Trip 2017: Fraser Hill – Bishop’s Trail

8 years ago, Jens came alone to Malaysia with high expectation to sweep out the entire endemic bird species under his belt. Well, every birder know that this was an impossible mission. There would always one or two species that slipped out of your list, no matter how hard you tried to find it. Most of the time it would be one of the rarest bird in that area, one that no bird guide will ever dare to put it under “guaranteed” list. However in some cases, it could be one common species that almost every birder has seen in that area, but strangely you can’t find it for the whole trip. Jens has the second case, and his “boogey bird” is the Black Laughingthrush.

Jens told me that he was staying in Fraser Hill for a week, trying to find as much bird as possible. He did a good job though, even finding the Mountain Peacock Pheasant–a very rare bird that is deemed impossible to see in this area! However he failed to see Black Laughingthrush, which is not so common but still easy to see, based on some bird trip report that I’ve read. So when he came to Fraser Hill again, he put this bird as the main target for the trip.

The day before, we consulted mr Durai about where to find Black Laughingthrush in this area. He mentioned some places, but noted that the most probable spot to find it would be around The Lodge, close to the nothern end of Bishop Trail/beginning of Maxwell trail. He told us to download some recording of Black Laughing thrush to call them out, as well as some rarer bird like Rusty-naped Pitta and many more. Lanjutkan membaca Malaysia and Vietnam Trip 2017: Fraser Hill – Bishop’s Trail

Malaysia and Vietnam to 2017: Fraser Hill – Telekom Loop

Telekom Loop is a famous birding spot in Fraser’s Hill–probably the most productive trail in this area. It is located at the eastern side of Fraser’s Hill, making a loop around a telecommunication tower that belongs to Telekom company (hence the name “Telekom Loop”). As I read from many reports in the internet, the loop is the longest single trail that we can reach in Fraser Hill, requires a half-day to sweep, and held some of the most special bird in this area.

We started the day early, waking up at 6 AM after not a really good night from me (I knew shouldn’t read any ghost stories from this area before!). We went down for a breakfast at 7, which is quite early for hotel standard as the sun rises at 7.15. The breakfast would be OK if only I didn’t take too much pickles for my anchovy porridge–something that left a weird taste in my mouth throughout the day.

As the sun started to rise, several bird songs were heard outside of the hotel. We were surprised by a bunch of Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush hanging around the hotel’s yard in large number, I counted up to 20 of them all together! A streaked Spiderhunter also came up early that day, drinking nectar without minding us that stood less than a meter from it (later, we agreed to call them “our little friend”).

Lanjutkan membaca Malaysia and Vietnam to 2017: Fraser Hill – Telekom Loop

Malaysia and Vietnam Trip 2017 : Fraser Hill (1)

Fraser Hill is a famous birding location in a hilly areas between Pahang and Serawak. The small town was used to be a mining outpost in collonial era, but now it has been converted into a recreational zone for Malaysian who get tired by city life. Its vast forest, cold temperature and some colonial era-bungalow make it looks like Kaliurang in Yogyakarta, but with less people and more birds.

We arrived Fraser Hill late in the morning, but it seems like the birds were still quite active this time. Jens has booked a garden view room at Shahzan Inn at the eastern side of Clock Tower, which is one of the most expensive hotel here. We got a free upgrade for deluxe room since there were not many people at the time (in fact, we could be the only guess here). The hotel was good and cozy, and our room was quite large and overlooked the golf field and some patch of jungle out there.

The Clocktower of Fraser Hill

Jens’ initial plan was to stay here for 4 days and then we moved to The Gap for three days. The Gap itself is located about 8 km away from Fraser Hill, with different kind of birds on the lower altitude. It seemed like we were really lack of research for this trip, as we found out that the hotel there has been closed permanently many years ago.

I told Jens about Stephen’s Place (formerly Buena Vista) at Telekom Loop which could be a nice place to spend the extra 3 days, and he agreed to do so. This place is so famous for nature lover and birders, as it was situated right on the most productive track of the hill. The owner ifself, Stephen Hogg is a wildlife photographer and some kind of moth collector, and he designed his garden to attract birds as much as possible. I sent an email to Stephen about the possibility to stay there during the next 3 days but so far there were no response.

So just like any crazy birders out there, we started to looking for birds righr after we put down our bag in the room. We stay at the balcony for about an hour and spotted some Pacific Swallow and Barn Swallow hawking over the golf course. A small flock of Long-tailed Sibia were seen on the Pine tree next to the parking lot–I never know that they are that big! It took me a while to notice the black-nest swiflet apart from the flock of Glossy Swiflet, which lack of white color on the belly. A pair of Large-billed Crow were seen flying over the golf course.

View from our room

After resting for half an hour we decided to take some look to the trail. We asked for a map in the lobby and the lady there told us to get a guide (which off course we wouldnt do). However we met Mr Durai, the local birdwatcher and a certified guide who has a small kiosk in Shahzan Inn. Mr Durai is so famous for giving tips on how to find most of the birds here (and all of them works very well!). I felt bad to get all of this information without using his service.. so to everyone who read this post, I recomend you to have at least one day guided tour with mr Durai!Both the receptionist and mr Durai told us to go to Hemmant Trail, which is not very long and perfect for easy birding. On the way there, we saw so many Streaked Spiderhunter and Black-throated Sunbird feeding on flowers in front yf Shahzan Inn and around the clock tower. They seems to be the most common bird here and can be seen everywhere.

Black-throated Sunbird
Streaked Spiderhunter

When we arrived at the entrance of Hemmant’s Trail, we were surprised to see it closed. There is a yellow policeman I line that blocked the trail, and we were not sure if we could go in or not. Off course we could easily walk in under that “police line”, but we afraid it was against the law. At the end we decided to play safe and stay on the asphalt road for the rest of the day before we figured out what’s happen.

Just a couple hundred meters from the Mosque we found our first flock. The first bird that we saw was Mountain Fulvetta, eating some berries on the bushes. Soon enough, a huge number of birds including Ashy Bulbul, Mountain Bulbul, Little Pied Flycatcher, Grey-chinned Minivet and Chestnut-capped Laughingtrush showed up again and again. The flock didnt last long though, as it suddenly become dead quiet again! We didn’t see more birds until we arrived at the golf course, where we found an Oriental Magpie Robin and our only Mountain Tailorbird for the trip.

Informative Boardsign. Indonesia should have these in every national park
Poor frog. Id?

We decided to go back to the hotel for a lunch, since we didnt see anything anyway. On the way back we met with Mr Durai again and have some nice chit-chat,  just before we spotted a flock of Sultan Tit who stayed up on the higher canopy–it was such a beautiful bird! We also spotted 3 Oriental Magpie Robins and a Gray Wagtail foraging close to the playground close to the hotel. Just before the hotel, we saw a Brown Shrike perching nicely on the powerline adjacent to the golf course.

Oriental Magpie Robin

After a good lunch at Strawberry Cafe, we talked to Mr Durai about those yellow line on almost every entry in the trail. He said that the trail is in maintenance since there were some fallen trees, but we should not find any trouble getting in there. He recommended us to go to Mager Trail at the afternoon to find some more bird, but we decided to take a rest a little bit before we went birding again.